About Us

We rather let our results do the talking, but nevertheless, here is some bio on us and the company. We started the business with the intent of being able to provide people with genuinely good cleaning services worth their time and money. So far, we think our mission has been fulfilled, with more than thirty professional cleaning treatments in store, we truly have the capacity and expertise required to operate at the forefront of the professional cleaning industry, which mind you is not an easy one to keep pace with, so book a cleaner with us.

Our dedication, professionalism and punctuality have proven to be of value for people – we have as many returning customers as we have new ones, which means we must be doing things right. The quality and consistency of our results have made us a natural choice for homes and businesses which require the right service at the right price.

Speaking of prices, ours are more than reasonable, otherwise we would be rendered useless for our customers. Our pricing forming policies are fair, transparent and straightforward. There are no hidden fees or other such nonsense as this would be highly unprofessional on our behalf. In each case, we try and offer customers the best possible price given their circumstances.

We also aim to reduce the environmental toll of our work through implementation of ecofriendly cleaning practices. For instance, we don’t use toxic cleaning supplies and adhere to a strict minimum water and resource waste policy. Good news for people – good news for the environment.

Our cleaners are qualified professionals, yet they are friendly, down to earth people who will help you with advice and tips. They help maintain and strengthen the bond between customers and company, which in our book is an essential aspect of our industry success. Enjoy better cleaning today!