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Hello and welcome to Hamiltons Cleaners Dagenham – your one stop shop for all things cleaning. We offer our private and business customers in E, IG and RM areas access to a large number of general and special purpose cleaning treatments covering anything from basic house cleaning to comprehensive commercial cleaning, as well as technical services like steam and dry cleaning for carpets, upholsteries, curtains etc. We ensure consistent, high quality results without margin for error. Here is what the best cleaners in Dagenham have in store for you!

Top quality cleaning – top of the range cleaning professionals

We know that there is no room for error or substandard results in professional cleaning, especially ours. In light of this we have taken the time and effort to find and employ the right people for the job and create some great deals.

  • We work with highly skilled and experienced cleaning technicians who know their duties inside out;
  • Our cleaners are organised in teams for optimal efficiency and swifter service completion;

Professional grade cleaning systems, ecofriendly work practices

  • For best results and no risk of damage we work with industry certified cleaning products and materials;
  • We adhere to a strict minimum water and resource waste policy on all jobs;
  • We don’t use any toxic or aggressive cleaning supplies;

Adequate pricing – good value for money

We maintain the affordability of our cleaning services through a couple of policies which have served us well so far.
  • We provided individually prepared quotes which reflect the actual specs of the job;
  • We offer custom tailored pricing able to meet specific budget requirements;
  • There are no hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges;

Wide range of services – end to end coverage

We aim to cover a variety of general and specific cleaning needs through various cleaning treatments. Most services are available as standalone or as part of a cleaning package. Here are some of our most popular options:
  • Domestic cleaning – affordable, efficient and versatile. Optimal results without margin for error. No use of toxic or aggressive cleaning supplies. Also available on fixed schedule basis;
  • Steam / dry cleaning – available for carpets, rugs, curtains, mattresses, upholsteries etc. No risk of damage or substandard results, work done using industry grade equipment;
  • Commercial cleaning – suitable for offices, branches, establishments, eateries etc. Can be requested on regular basis. We use only professional cleaning systems;

Barking and Dagenham is an Outer London borough, in the east of the capital. At the moment, it is home to about two hundred thousand people, the borough is designated as national priority for urban regeneration. Barking and Dagenham was one of the six host boroughs for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Officially formed in nineteen sixty five, the borough received its current name in nineteen eighty. The borough features mostly interwar period housing, built in order to accommodate people moving away from the decaying areas of East London. The borough’s principle area – Barking, is due for major renovation worth five hundred million pounds. After the nineteen eighties, employment in the borough has shifted from declining industry towards the service sector of the economy.

Best Services

Carpet Cleaning

Professional steam cleaning, suitable for all types of natural & synthetic fibre carpets. Lifts stains, kills bacteria, and cleans to deep inside the carpet. Delivers long lasting hygiene without risk of damage.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Thorough end of tenancy cleaning service with guaranteed results. Service can be made to focus on specific rooms or areas of the rental. Work done by specially trained cleaning technicians.

Oven Cleaning

Specialised cleaning treatment, suitable for all oven models, including self-cleaning ones. No use of toxic cleaning products or harsh scours. Cleaning methods safe for coatings, surfaces and other appliance features.

Domestic Cleaning

Versatile and convenient service, good value for money. Can be altered to suit specific customer preferences and requirements. No use of toxic or aggressive cleaning products. Flexible booking hours during all days.

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Other Services

Home Services

House Cleaning

Efficient and affordable house cleaning, fully customisable service format. Can be secured on regular basis too. No use of toxic / aggressive cleaning products. Work done by experienced domestic cleaners.

Cleaning Services

Large selection of professional grade cleaning services for homes and offices. Also choose from technical cleaning treatments delivering industry standard results. Moderate pricing and exceptional work quality come as standard.

Spring Cleaning

Freshen up the place for spring and summer with our comprehensive spring cleaning service. Thorough coverage, open for customisation, excellent results, work done by specially skilled cleaning teams in diligent, well-organised manner.

One Off Cleaning

Flexible and convenient solution for various domestic/commercial cleaning requirements. Excellent results, no margin for error, reasonable pricing. Can be made to include additional services/options for more coverage and extra value for money.

Home Cleaning

Keep your home clean and fresh whenever and however you require with our specialised home cleaning service, delivering excellent results minus the usual high costs. Flexible hours, week round availability.

Driveway Cleaning

Removes mould, residue, staining etc. without risk of damage, will not affect grip properties. Cannot be performed on driveways with compromised structural integrity, Use of professional grade pressure washing equipment.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Reduced drying time – same great results! No use of toxic chemicals, suitable for all types of natural & synthetic fibre carpets. Effective stain & odour removal, cleans deep inside the carpet, delivering lasting hygiene.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Professional cleaning treatment for valuable hard floors. Suitable for tile, marble, terracotta, concrete, natural stone, clay, brick etc. Can be performed on fixed schedule basis. Work done by qualified technicians.

Kitchen Cleaning

Specialised, fully comprehensive domestic or commercial kitchen cleaning. Industry standard results all round, no risk of damage to surfaces & materials. Use of heavy duty disinfectants as to ensure perfect hygiene.

Commercial Services

Office Cleaning

Professional office cleaning, available as one-off or on regular basis. Service format can be altered as per specific customer requirements. Use of industry certified equipment and materials, work done by qualified cleaning technicians.

Window Cleaning

Quick, safe and efficient way to keep home or office windows sparkling clean at all times. No risk of damage or substandard results. Use of industry grade cleaning materials. Can be requested on regular basis.

Commercial Cleaning

Specialised commercial establishment cleaning, also available as commercial kitchen cleaning. Work done in accordance to health and safety regulations by specially trained commercial cleaners. Use of industry certified, heavy duty disinfectants.

Floor Cleaning

Quick and efficient treatment suitable for all types of non-hard flooring. Can be performed on a regular basis. Reasonable service costs, use of industry certified cleaning supplies. Flexible booking hours.

Professional Services

Sofa Cleaning

Specialised steam cleaning, safe on all types of natural & synthetic sofa finishes. Effective stain and odour removal. Will not affect colours, dimensions or comfort properties. Also very good antibacterial treatment.

Rug Cleaning

Professional rug cleaning treatment suitable for natural & synthetic rugs. Cleans down to the base of the rug, removing stains, odour, bacteria. Non-toxic cleaning products, can be performed on regular basis.

Upholstery Cleaning

Professional cleaning technique, suitable for delicate upholstery fabrics, will not affect colour fastness, dimensions etc. All work done onsite, usually no need to remove upholstery from furniture. Great results, moderate pricing.

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning services delivering consistent, high quality results minus the margin for error or hefty price tag. Use of industry grade cleaning systems, all work done by qualified cleaning technicians.

Deep Cleaning

Excellent way to bring the place up to scratch after long periods of disuse or neglect. Top to bottom cleaning treatment, can be customised as per specific needs/requirements. Adequate service pricing.

Curtain Cleaning

Safe on all types of synthetic & natural curtain fabrics, will not affect colours or dimensions, removes stains & odours, will not reverse sunlight damage. Can be performed as dry/restorative curtain cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning

Uses natural cleaning power of steam, delivers outstanding results without risk of damage. Removes dirt, staining, odour and bacteria on all sides of the mattress, can be done on regular basis.

Patio Cleaning

Restores patio to its former good looks, removes residue, stains, mould etc. Will not reverse sunlight damage, cannot be done on patios with structural damage. For best results book service in fair weather.

Other Services

After Party Cleaning

Service available as pre or/and after party cleaning. Thorough coverage, also includes rubbish removal and disposal duties. Efficient, well organised cleaning teams, flexible booking hours, also good short notice availability.

Ironing Services

Efficient and reliable ironing service in the comfort of your own home, work done by qualified housemaids. Maids are fully vetted and will present a valid picture/company ID upon arrival, service available on regular basis.


Service covers various general, specific and seasonal gardening chores. Work done by specially qualified technicians. Low maintenance gardening packages as well as tree maintenance also available. Good value for money.


Much needed peace of mind for busy parents. Mature minded, reliable babysitters. All vetted, and passed stress and psychological liability testing. Good short notice availability during all days. Adequate service costs.


Professional catering service, large choice of excellent menus, including vegetarian dishes. Use of high quality local and imported ingredients. A fine selection of wines and beverages to accompany meal choices.


Domestic & commercial property removals, end to end coverage, adequate pricing. Work done by professional removal teams, specialised transportation, quick delivery, no risk of damage or misplacement of items in our care.


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